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Navigating through Policy & Procedures (with apologies to my consultant friends!)

Navigating the intricate world of corporate policies and procedures can seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be. A well-structured approach that focuses on board ownership, clear distinctions between policy and procedure, succinct policy writing, effective communication, accessibility, regular monitoring, and authorship can transform this task into a strategic initiative. In my latest article, I delve deeper into each of these elements to shed light on creating and implementing effective policies and procedures. Happy reading! 


The Saudi CMA securities license known as "Managing" (within the realms of Asset Management) entails an entity making discretionary decisions on securities or operating investment funds, forming an essential part of the financial ecosystem. 

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Unpacking the Suitcase Banker Phenomenon: Negative Impacts and available alternatives 

Navigating the complexities of foreign mutual funds in Saudi Arabia can be challenging. Please read my article to understand thenegative effects of "suitcase bankers" and explore the framework provided by the Saudi Capital Market Authority for offering foreign mutual funds in the Kingdom.

Click the link to read more about regulatory compliance, investor protection, and the importance of a stable financial market. 

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🔑 Unlocking Effective Business Plans: Insights from Extensive Experience 🔍💼

Having witnessed numerous business plans throughout my career, each providing a unique glimpse into the aspirations and strategies of entrepreneurs and organizations, we would like to present a short essay on :-

a) key elements and components to be included in a good business plan; and

b)  Characteristics of an Effective Business Plan